Money grit. The driving force behind increasing your abundance and quality of life. But what is grit exactly? Grit is the intense willpower that says ‘no matter what.’ It says ‘I’m going to keep going, even when it’s easier right now to give up.’ To take this fearless resolve into the world of personal and professional finance can conjure images of money sharks and ruthless stock brokers. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. Developing money grit can be as simple as pushing forward in your business, despite everyone telling you it won’t work. It can be focusing so much on saving that you have the willpower to say no to tempting purchases.


Money aids our lives and the lives of our loved ones in wonderful ways. Abundance and prosperity are undisputedly some of the main areas almost everyone wishes to excel in. But who really teaches us about finance? We don’t learn it in school, and the majority of us who are not born into a money savvy family don’t learn it at home. When we go out into the world without this foundational knowledge, we run into challenges. This is where the grit is needed. When debts rise, when jobs are lost and when businesses struggle, this is when most people give up. But in the world of money – where does that leave us? More financially abundant? Giving up is giving in to scarcity mindset. Grit is doing whatever it takes to get back into the game. Maybe it is downsizing what your current life is in order to focus on your priorities. Maybe it’s finally reading those books on investing, or taking a course on business. Budgeting is the key to understanding how to manage your finance, especially when you are gritting out the tough times. To have transparency in exactly where your money is going is a fundamental aspect of getting somewhere and moving ahead toward financial freedom. Don’t give up!