It’s that time again: New Year’s resolutions. Whether you are someone who is completely committed to every goal you make, or (as in the case of the majority of people) find it hard to make it past the first few months with the challenges that come with lifestyle changes, it is widely accepted that new years resolutions are often not kept. Resolutions for a fresh new year are many and varied, though usually coming close to the top for great deal of people is getting healthy / losing weight, and making / saving more money. The latter is also usually a life-long resolution for many people. In a consumerist world, there is no denying that abundance can offer quality of living and security for individuals and families that is always desirable. So when it comes to keeping the financial resolutions, here we offer a few of the common mistakes that people make, and some ways to stay on track with your financial goals for the New Year.


#1: Food and groceries.

To limit the amount you spend on food, be home cook-savvy and get some tips on how to cook on a budget. Growing your own vegetables will also greatly cut down the cost of groceries, as well as limiting dining out to special occasions.


#2: Gym membership.

As stated above, one of the biggest resolutions is to get fit and healthy. This often leads to people overshooting and spending large amounts on yearly gym memberships, which then are never used. If your goal is to exercise more, then why not get a monthly membership to start, or go for a flexible membership. You could even start by working out with a gym and then seeing how your schedule is going before you make the payments.


#3: Stacking debt.

This is a big one. With mortgages, car loans and finance plans, many people are living outside of their means. When taking into account future possible debts, really consider whether you can afford the monthly repayments. Also, for debts that are already accrued, speak to a financial adviser to see how best to finance your repayments to fit your budget.


Keep yourself accountable. The best way to stick to any goal is to take as many actions as possible, and keep the momentum going. Write your financial goals down, post them where you will see them. Set reminders and alerts and tell other people so they hold you accountable.